Delta Dental Provider

Delta Dental Provider

At Delta Dental provider, our job is to provide anything and everything related to dental hygiene for patients who have just undergone oral surgeries.
Delta Dental Provider

The Service Provider by Delta Dental Providers

Conveniently located in the Sacramento Delta, Delta Dental Providers provides dental recovery monitoring and treatment for anyone recovering from dental surgery in the Stockon and Sacramento area. This ranges from teledental or virtual check-ups to at-home mobile dental treatment. We’ll deliver pain medications to your door, or just give you someone to talk to while you get better.

Getting Started

Delta Dental Providers are especially trained to help clients with all their dental recovery needs, up to and including multiple dental operations, chronic oral issues, and teledental services. There’s no recovery process that a Delta Dental Provider can’t ease!
“I love my Delta Dental Provider! Charice was so helpful and helped me take care of me and my children after I had oral surgery!” Alana, 31.
If necessary, you can request the care of one of our Platinum Providers for the most dire of surgery recoveries.
No matter your oral or dental history, our provider’s can handle any issue and help you request the necessary paperwork or medication.


Is this the same as Delta Insurance?

No, Delta Dental Providers are entirely separate from Delta Insurance.  Delta Dental Provider’s services can be covered by Delta Insurance, but should not be confused for the same service or company. They are different entities.
Delta Dental Provider
Delta Dental Provider

Taking Care of Your Teeth

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Delta Dental Provider

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